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Yesterday, WIVB News reported that an excavator was stolen from an I-86 work site. For those who do not wish to click a link, the story is as follows:

Excavator stolen from I-86 work site
Published : Wednesday, 22 Jun 2011, 7:33 PM EDT

Posted by: Eli George
RANDOLPH, N.Y. (WIVB) – Troopers are looking for a stolen excavator that was being used to make repairs to the damaged roads and bridges on the I-86 in Randolph.

State Police say that sometime between Monday evening and Wednesday morning, a CAT mini excavator was stolen from the I-986 construction site. The machine is owned by a private company that was working to make repairs. The machine and its attachments are worth around $70,000.

Anyone with information regarding the excavator can call the State Police in Jamestown at 716-665-3113.

My reaction:

  1. How did the perps get away with this?! It’s not like they could have taken it and shoved it under their sweater, or rolled it up and stashed it in their shopping bag, a la Stephanie Tanner.

    Stephanie steals a sweater for D.J., as Mr. Bear looks on in disapproval.


  2. The excavator was stolen sometime betwen “Monday evening and Wednesday morning”? What happened to Tuesday? Taking a little break from your construction work, hmmm? Caught ya.

 If anyone sees a neighbor with a new piece of digging equiptment in their backyard, call the number listed in the article above. They probably did not inherit it from a relative like they told you.


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