Bloomin Boots

(Yes, another post about shoes)


The weather in Buffalo has been pretty dreary the last couple of days weeks. Walking around in the rainy outdoors in my canvas sneakers has NOT been cutting it. I decided heaftier footwear was in order. I have had my eye on Hunter boots for a while now for a few reasons. First, they are adorable. Second (and more important), they can be transformed into winter boots with the addition of a liner.

SO, I ordered them online and waited anxiously for them to come. When they arrives, I practically clawed open the box to take them out and put them on immediately. However, my joyful glee soon changed to anger when I opened the box and found this:


What the heck. I ordered “Hi Gloss Black”, not “Dusty Gross Grey”. I double checked the invoice in the package, and it claimed it sent me the correct pair.  What to do, what to do… Google search it, of course! I searched the terms “Hunter Boots Arrived White”, and “Dusty Hunter Boots”, and found out that this is quite common! Apparently, it is called “blooming”, a phenomenon that happens when the wax that has been added to the rubber compound in the boot “blooms” to the surface.

Personally, if my boots were going to start blooming, I’d rather they do this:

Hahahaha. Get it? Bloomin Onions? Mmmmmm. I sense a trip to Outback Steakhouse in my future. It’s not like I’m trying to fit into a wedding dress anytime soon.


From what I gathered on various forums, the best way to get rid of the white marks is to slather it with olive oil. However, I had none on hand, so I tried vegetable oil instead. What a difference!

See?! This is after only one wipe down, too. I applied another layer, then did the same to the other boot, and here are the results!

Now THAT is what you call “Hi Gloss”! You can even see me taking the picture on the right. I might do some more on the soles. Detailing, I suppose.

Hopefully whoever has a problem with this will find my blog in the future and oil up their bloomin boots!


Wedding Shoes!

Has anyone else heard of  Ebates.com ?


I found it after browsing online coupons, and this is pretty amazing. I’ve already earned $5 back for shopping online (which I do a LOT). I wish I had heard of this earlier. Basically, if you shop online and follow a link to a store through their website, you get a certain percentage of your purchase back through them! For example, today I bought shoes for the wedding (!!!!):

I followed the link through Ebates.com, and recieved 12% cash back!


List price: $109.00.

Sale price: $59.95

Free shipping

12% cash back ($5)

Final cost = $54.95!

Not too shabby.

Next big wedding purchase: ties and pocket squares for the groomsmen. Off to search online!


Fabrics I Love

Fabrics for the Gus Curtain

Pimatex Basics Damask Celery/White


Deer Valley Antler Damask Tarragon


Michael Miller Bird Chat Breeze Blue


Metro Living Vines Sage


Fabrics for the fabric headboard

Premier Prints Barber Slub Texture Yellow/Taupe


Premier Prints Suzani Slub Texture Yellow/White


Kaffe Fassett Spring 09 Gothic Yellow


Metro Living Circles Marigold





On my To Do list

1. Create a fabric headboard for guest room.

I made the headboard that we use in our bedroom:

Now I’m in the market for a headboard for the guest room. Buying one is not in the cards for us, and neither is building another. This fabric headboard technique might be the best solution. I’ve used this starch technique in old apartments – it’s easy to do, and easy to remove. Perfect for apartment living!

2. Hang up pictures over aforementioned headboard in guest room.

I have a bunch of picture frames just waiting to be hung! I made a shaddow box from my trip to france, I have some collages from my days in undergrad, and I would like to print some of the pictures from our engagement photo shoot. They are black frames of all different sizes. I’m hoping to hang them and achieve an effect like this:

3. Grow a vertical garden.

Once summer comes I’m hoping to make use of our (tiny) back patio. If this project is actually manageable, I will be able to have fresh herbs and veggies! Mmmm.

4. Give Guster some privacy.

Currently, our cat Guster’s litter box is out in the open in the bathroom. I want to sew (or stitch witch) a curtain to hang from the shelf above his litter box. Privacy for him, yes, but mostly for sheilding my eyes when he does his business.

Professional Artist's Rendition

Professional Artist's Rendition

If     When I finish these projects, I will be sure to post about them! 🙂

Bridesmaid Dresses!

This mosaic was made using http://bighugelabs.com/mosaic.php. I’ve tried aviary.com before (seen here), but it wasn’t working today for some reason. Aviary is certainly more customizable, but bighugelab was fast and easy!


Alright kids, its that time of week again! DITLs were documented Sunday, and new entries are steadily pouring in. Take out your cards- it’s time to play DITLO!

Choose your card wisely. Let the games begin!